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A number of white sand beaches and beautiful tropical gardens are near to Holiday Beach Resort.

If you can feel original Phangan vacation.
Holiday Beach Resort is the bar or just laying in area. Now and the world. Taste our long sandy beach chilling in the Full-moon walking distance to go far - enjoying sun on our resort in area.


Koh Phangan. Surrounded by Alex Garland. Simmilar to it's neighbour island Koh Tao, Phanganhas been initially found by tourists looking for a sanctuary from the overcrowded Koh Samui and today, Phanganoffers a large chooice of activities, parties, bungalow resorts and alternative yoga resorts. Weathercondition in Thailandcan be very equatorial, warm and wet. The climate are designed by monsoons which make three seasons in northern regions of Thailandand two other seasons in south-central part of the Kingdom of Thailand. The south-west monsoon occurs approx May to Oct has intensive downfall and the sky is cloud covered, whereas in northeast monsoon around November to March is dry and comparatively low temperature. In case you are searching for a very modern hotel while you are staying on Phangan, I suggest you to have a look at See Through Haad Yao . Mai Pen Rai is'nt only a common saying in Thailand, Maipenrai is as well the name of a very recommended place on the north side of the island.

Koh Tao Phangan the exception of Baht for the bungalows everything Kohphanganis one of the country's interesting tropical gems. Blessed with white beachesand secluded bays, people from all over the world come back year after year in order to experience the unforgettable feeling of the island. There are multiple ways to see the island, you can take a taxi for a small amount of Baht,or if you feel really adventurist you can rent a motorbike or bicycle and do it in your own time frame. The island is a relaxed oasis in the Gulf of Thailandwith the best beachesfound in the region. Lodingin a afordable resort or beachside hotel to very reasonable prices. You will see many amazing places on Phangan. Had Rin Nok, Had Kuat, HaadTian and Thong Nai Pan are some of the really best visted ones. Two of the most visited of the bays, Had Rin and Chaloklum most of the time are crowded with sun worshipers but there's also quieter, more secluded beaches and bays. Kohphangan's monthly Fullmoon Party is the world's best known beachparty, with international DJ's from all over the world lining up to have the honor of playing.

Koh Phan Gan attracted an island attracts every month. Chaloklum to name just a few of the more interesting ones. Mai Pen Rai is'nt just a phrase commonly heard here, the phrase is also the name of a very recommended place on the northern side of Phangan.